Inflammations (Pandemic Edition) copes with chronic pain and the way it affects bodies as they engage in work and pleasure. The video performance made by a mixed team of artists identifying as disabled, able-bodied, deaf, neurodiverse and trans problematises the boundaries between wellbeing and sickness, medical authority and felt experience. While recognising chronic pain as a form of disability it further speculates about fatigue as a possible persistent condition affecting many of us in the (post-)pandemic reality.


The video attempts to take accessibility into consideration. It is performed in spoken English and German Sign Language. Difference or disability invisible on the outside is approached through language and its ability to stab, stiffen and inflame, as well as, to relieve, care and cure. Word games, repetitions and instructions function as spells for breaking the cycle of suffering and invisibility.
Idea, choreography Ania Nowak
Creation, performance Angela Alves, Athina Lange, Laura Lulika, Ania Nowak
Text Ania Nowak with Angela Alves, Laura Lulika
Camera Anu Czerwiński, Miłosz Więckowski
Editing Anu Czerwiński
Outside eye Julia Plawgo
Stage design Christopher Füllemann
Light design Aleksandr Prowaliński, Cathy Walsh
Sound Justyna Stasiowska
Costumes Grzegorz Matląg/Wsiura
GSL-Translation Ulli Steinseifer
Production management Ben Mohai
Thanks to Anne Rieger, Mateusz Szymanówka, Noa Winter
Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Inflammations (Pandemic Edition) is part of the thematic focus Cripping the Pain, which takes place in the framework of the project The Future is Accessible, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe – Spartenoffene Förderung
Photos Anu Czerwiński