In Agonal Respirations Ania Nowak touches on memory and its gradual loss. Over two years into the pandemic and with the ongoing state and military violence in many parts of the world, she works with and against the mental state of brain fog. Brain fog, described by neuroscientists as a decrease in cognitive functions, affects the memory, the capacity to concentrate and be creative, as well as the ability to problem-solve. This work, resulting from a prolonged period of stasis and repetitiveness, deals with breathing, speaking and moving as perishing acts. It gasps at the ruins of what we thought was unforgettable. It delights in the remnants of pleasure our bodies are desperate to retain.
Text, choreography, performance Ania Nowak
Outside eye Julia Plawgo, Nora Tormann
Costume Grzegorz Matląg
Production Berlinische Galerie, Baltic Triennial 14 / CAC, Vilnius
Photos Anu Czerwiński