Untitled  2017
Untitled is the first in the series of works which use drag strategies and language reformulation to challenge the internal contradictions and predictable binaries inherent to our perception of history, economy and revolution.
In Untitled, a constantly shifting landscape of facts, speculations and affects is produced by a language without grammar. Lists of words indicating mostly names, objects, places and numbers gradually reveal a sadomasochistic history of Europe ruled by Institution, Faith and Desire. Past, present and future are eternally repetitive and seem stuck in a horizontal, rather than vertical, movement of words which give hope for a resolution only to take it away immediately after. The new, reformulated language stems from the need to face questions of individual vs collective trauma / healing and evolution / revolution at the present moment when the urge for change proves more current than ever.
Idea, text, performance Ania Nowak
Styling, costume Dusty Whistles
Outside eye Julia Rodriguez, Julia Plawgo
Production Komuna Warszawa, Warsaw
Photos Pat Mic